The X-Hedge FX trading platform is the big differentiator for Treasury First. X-Hedge is the accumulation of many years of development. It is an industry-leading FX software package that is changing the marketplace for corporate and individual clients looking to transact in foreign currencies.

This all-inclusive software offers everything you need for your overseas transfers, including converting and trading currencies all from your secure client area on X-Hedge. You can also make use of a full suite of FX instruments, including Spot, Forwards or Options.

Access to X-Hedge Platform

The X-Hedge platform is designed to make your currency transfers quick, and easy.

With X-Hedge, you can send money and manage your third-party payments, as well as keep track of all your transactions. It is quick and easy to set up and our support team are here to help you get started and help you manage your account on an ongoing basis.

You can add and manage beneficiaries easily and make payments all through your online X-Hedge account. When you log in to your online account, you can also view your balances and transactions. It makes audit tracking simple. We also ensure errors are reduced and security is increased through multi-level payment authorisation if required. You can even give your team members access to be able to sign-off payments quickly and easily.

Key Features and Benefits

There are a range of exciting features and benefits of X-Hedge, and these made it an easy choice for us when finding the right solution.

  • Access Account Online

    There is no need to call up and speak to a trader for your transaction. You can complete the entire process online. However, if you prefer to speak to someone, you will always have that option.

  • View Balances and Make Payments

    With X-Hedge, you can check your transactions easily online whenever you wish. You can view your balances and make payments at your own convenience. The transaction process will be completed quickly and easily.

  • Manage Beneficiaries

    You can set up and manage your beneficiaries using the X-Hedge software. The process is quick and easy, with help and guidance from our team when you need it.

  • Transfer Between Accounts

    If you have multiple accounts set up, you can make your transfers quickly between the accounts online. The transfers will be complete in a matter of seconds.

  • Multi-currency IBAN Wallet

    When making payments to clients in a range of countries around the globe, you will find our multi-currency IBAN wallet incredibly useful. You can hold different currencies in your main account and manage these easily through the X-Hedge platform.

  • Full audit trail and overview of trades

    If you ever need to carry out an audit, there is a full audit trail function on X-Hedge, and you can also get a full overview and information on all trades that have been placed.

  • Shared Access

    You may want to share access with other employees, and with X-Hedge, you can manage permissions at the touch of a button. With our software, you can streamline the whole process.

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